Reference text: Luke 14:1-6

Luke 14:4 And they held their peace. And he took him, and healed him, and let him go;

Some business people are known for their ability to ‘regrow’ collapsing ventures. Many of these are usually very successful that once they agree to partner with any business, they can almost be assured of making it. If for any reason they are unable to attain the intended goal, business owners can be assured of the fact that they will be left much better off than before they met them.

Saint Luke presents Jesus in such fashion to us this morning: he encounters a man with dropsy and his actions reflect the very sequence of things we are expected to emulate: He took him, healed him and sent him away. Our version might be: get in touch, make better and promote independence.

Anything and person which come into direct association with us, should leave in a much better state than when we first met them. Lives should be positively rubbed on; hearts, kindly touched and minds spontaneously renewed. There has to be something that happens to others at every single encounter with us because such was the nature of the man we follow.
Also very important to this discourse is the fact that ‘Jesus let him go’. Often, we are very keen to keep the things we make better believing that they belong only with and to us. Making one person better is like the first particle collision in a chain reaction- when isolated, the chain is just initiated. However, when collision is allowed to continue, then that burst of energy is released. Bettered people must be let go so they can also help make others better.

Remember # you do not only make better just to keep for yourself.


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