Reference text: Luke 11:15-26

Luke 11:23 He that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.

One often finds a lot of the technical jargon used in law is aimed at according an amount of responsibility to as a many as fit the profile hence we hear the use of nouns like accomplice or co-conspirator and verbs like condoning and abetting. I watched an incident about a team of prosecutors who were divided on whether or not to prosecute Mrs X. She drunk together with Mr Y after which she still handed over the keys to his car, also jumped in the passenger seat and even told him how to avoid the cops.

Long story short, Mr Y knocked down and killed an eleven year old boy and under current laws, was charged with ‘manslaughter’. Mrs X claimed innocence and went further to state that she had nothing to do with the death as she was not the driver. That was the dilemma.
Jesus sounds like a lawyer today when He states metaphorical in the Gospel of today, that doing nothing is actually doing something: ‘Whoever does not gather with me, scatters’.

We can readily jump up and say ‘BUT WE ARE NOT SCATTERING, WE ARE ONLY NOT GATHERING’. Those words are in capitals because I want you to read over them one more time and pause for a moment to think about them.

Doing nothing yourself may not seem like a big deal, just like Mrs Y or the listeners of Jesus; but believe me, it is a really big deal. In the confeitor, we ask for forgiveness not only ‘for what we have done’, but also for ‘what we failed to do’ because in more ways than we can or will admit, sometimes, those things which we do not do result in much bigger consequences than those we directly do.
So my dear, never for a moment assume that you will find respite in doing nothing about the positive even though you may not be doing the negative. When you are in position to forward a good cause, don’t fold your arms and do nothing.

Remember # ‘choosing to do nothing’ will not be a plausible excuse when you could have done something.


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