Reference text: Matthew 10:24-33

Matthew 10:30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

If a stranger walked up to me and told be that they knew my name and address, I would be a little surprised. However, should the same person go on to tell me that they knew exactly the number of hairs on my head, I would naturally be inclined look at them as someone who has nothing better to do. I would definitely question their rational for undertaking such an audacious and probably unproductive venture as well as seek to determine of what relevance that information will be to me.

I can imagine the look of surprise on the faces of many should these words be spoken to them ‘I know the number of hairs on your head, I can tell you exactly how many are grey and how many are not as well as categorically tell you how many you lose in the course of one day’. The best description for such a person is either a “STALKER” or someone who is definitely and honestly interested in keeping track of your very well being and I am sure since these words come from God, He certainly falls into the second group.

The only reason God will even bother to make us aware of such intricate details is so we learn to understand that He has us covered in all regards because if a detailed account of even our hair is kept by him, will He not take much more interest in all the bigger decisions that concern us? It may interest you to know that God actually takes delight in being a part of your life’s story.

You may take it for granted but it is rare to find someone who takes genuine interest in your affairs. Each of us needs that one person who will keep watch over us and whether in the spotlight or from behind the scenes, offer to us real care and attention. My advice today is this- when you find someone like that, you keep them close.

Remember # you are an open book before God hence the details of your life can never be too complex to share.


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