Reference text: Matthew 9:9-13

Matthew 9:11 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto his disciples, Why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners?

It isn’t uncommon for people who have spent time together to subtly acquire traits from each other. These may include choice of words, eating habits and other attitudes. This transmission may be unseen but the very fact that it contributes to a establishing a route for real change makes it welcome. In spite of this usually natural happening, many people walk about with a completely different approach.

They carry around a generalised mindset which seeks to make everybody just like themselves. In the world within which they exist, everyone must think like them, eat like them, believe in the same way they do and adopt the same approach to situations they would. This is seen in the tax collectors gathering with their own and the Pharisees expecting Jesus to have the same thought as theirs.

The hard reality however is this: You cannot go about trying to change everybody to be like you because that is literally just like attempting to put the waters of the ocean into a portable container. God is the author of real change, but for our part, people will begin to naturally change as we keep rubbing against them. The positive traits which we possess will gradually chip out those negative ones in them.

Many of them will therefore begin to be change to meet some of your expectations even though this may be over time and not overnight.
Most of our lives has been spent trying to make other people more like ourselves: it is high time we focused more on embracing their individuality and uniqueness, as well as make room for the good we have inside to be shared with others and not forced around their necks.

Remember # you cannot turn anyone into a carbon copy of yourself.

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