Deuteronomy 26:17a Today Yahweh has declared to you that he will be your God

In many ways, people look forward to hearing words of exhortation and encouragement every once in a while as that can be a good drive in the pursuit of set targets. In the text for today, God makes a solemn promise to the people of Israel – a promise which appeared so clear that reading it again felt as though it was written just moments ago.

The first part says ‘this day. God has avouched to be your God’. This is a clear statement made from the rooftop saying ‘ I am for you, I am with you and I stand by you’. God has declared that He is on your team! That should give you some confidence knowing that you have a big man in on your side.

In addition, it is written ‘this day, God has declared that you will be his people’. This time round, God claims you for himself. As if to tell the whole world ‘ you are mine therefore nothing and no one has the right to touch you’. Much more like how a jealous groom claims possession of his bride when he sees her in the company of another.

My dear, these promises begin with the single word “today”. Hence whenever you read them, they presently speak to you and remind you of things as they stand at this very moment and from the look of things, you are standing in a very good place. After claiming you for himself, God will crown you with honour, renown and glory.

Remember # If God be for us, no one dares be against us.

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