Psalms 51:11 Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me.

I read a piece written by a colleague yesterday. In this extract, he expounded on the fact that “When God was creating fish, he spoke to the sea; when creating plants, he spoke to the land and when he was creating man, he spoke to himself. Hence, when a fish leaves water it dies; in the same vain, a plant cannot survive when taken out of the earth.

By extrapolation therefore, I could say that ‘It is also impossible for man to survive ‘outside’ God. The Psalmist makes what appears to be a petition to God- one that seeks to request that regardless of what he does, he be kept in the presence of God. I believe these words highlighted his desperation and the anxiety about what ‘could be’ should he be cut off from God.

One truth is this: ‘Man was made for God and God for man’, it is therefore extremely dangerous to believe that we can move, live and have our being without Him because he is the pillar that holds our lives together. God is ever true to his words and does not keep a record of our sins so that we can speedily return to him when we stray.

It is only on our own accord that we consider the possibility of what the Psalmist said occurring- God casting us out of his presence as he did Adam and Eve from the garden. Even after doing so, He had to go to extreme lengths to restore His friendship with us and restore us into his presence once again. So sweetheart, do not live sin- consciously with a constant fear of being cast out; instead, live as a child who can always make up with his father.

Remember # God is certainly not going to undo all that he has already done for us through Jesus.

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