Mark 10:28 Then Peter began to say unto him, Lo, we have left all, and have followed thee.

Peter’s words in the Gospel of today was not a question to Jesus, it was rather a statement made from a definite stand point. The disciples knew with a definite certainty all they had done to be with Jesus thus Peter, who had to abandon his boat and entire livelihood, could say with boldness ‘I have left everything to follow you’.

The question to us therefore is to verify from us if we have gained enough ground to boldly make the same statement before God and receive a deserving response as Peter did. The one reason many will be unable to launch such a claim is because even though we are following, the first part of the statement seems to ‘disqualify’ us as everything is actually ‘some things’ to us.

‘Laying all ones cards on the table’ suggests that an alternative has been identified that offers better returns’ hence that was the decision these disciples made seeing the best alternative in Jesus. We ought to be challenged to go into our relationship with the Lord not holding on to any hidden wildcard and undisclosed materials.

In the long run, we could be making bold statements before God and in making them, certain vocabulary will be expected- amongst them is ‘EVERYTHING’ so don’t hold back from God.

Remember # To make bold confessions, you need solid standpoints.

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