Matthew 6:27 Worrying does not do any good, which of you by worrying can claim to add a single moment to his life.

Psychologists in their description of worry, use three key elements:
1. thoughts, images, and
emotions of a negative nature
2. repetitive
3. uncontrollable
According to them, the intent behind worry is to solve anticipated potential threats and their potential consequences. This obviously involves a constant asking of the question ‘what if’ and the expectation is always a negative scenario.

Jesus in his address today seeks to divert our attention from worry because nothing about it even from the human point of view was appealing. He posed a question to us to ascertain what actual profit could be gained by worrying not only about today- but about tomorrow. Even more interesting is the fact that the things we worry about are what to eat, drink and wear.

However, the fact that we are told not to worry about tomorrow does not imply a total neglect of foresight and planning- instead, it is an invitation to not concern ourselves so much by worrying about situations that may never see the light of day. Sometimes in our worrying, we create an atmosphere that activates something God says in His word, only that we activate it for the negative effect: ‘by calling forth those things which are not as if they are.’

The only thing worry does is to make one apprehensive and anxious. Though people worrying appear to be always operating in a state of heightened activity, the reality is, beneath the surface there is nothing but fear and panic in expectation of when everything would go wrong. How will we actually ‘live’ if we always expect the worst to happen? My dear, we have the examples of the birds and lilies to look up to, who by not worrying are clothed and fed; and we are considered more precious than these.

Remember # However you look at it, worrying profits nothing.

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